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Otis Chilamba (born on 27 August 1983) isMalawian. reggae and dancehall entertainer who is widely known by his professional name Blasto. Blasto’s passion for music and performing arts has been brewing from a tender age-Growing up listening to reggae and dancehall icons such as Sizzla Kalonje, Capleton, Beenie man, Bob Marley, Garnet Silk and lots more whose message has travelled across borders bringing with it a piece of Jamaica and a spirit of people he can identify with as he would with his own brothers and sisters in Malawi.

Although influenced by Jamaican culture and language, Blasto is able to portray his own unique style of the genre-using phrases like “IMVA” which are common to his people in Malawi turning them into Slang and cliché for his lyrical content. Over the years Blasto has performed to thousands of crowds and shared stage with great artists from across the world like Sean Kingston, Freeway, Fantan Mojah, Busy Signal, Morgan Heritage just to name a few. Blasto’s work on the “Unexpected mix tape” released in2012 and his debut Ep “Stronger” released in 2014 with the indie label Ziggy Blacks production has granted him access to perform at the hottest clubs, concerts and special events in Malawi, USA and South Africa. With a challenging spirit,a fiery determination and an inexhaustible energy Blasto continues to treat his fans with mind blowing performances on stage around the globe. As he known to most people as “The humble king of Dancehall in Malawi”, His music enjoy a huge airplay on all local Radio Stations and Televisions. His music brings love, joy and hope to his fans.

The Unexpected Mixtape - 2012

Blasto - Hosted by Ken Klips

The Unexpekted mixtape is Blasto calls "shadow boxing" a compilation of singles that shaped his image as an artist with songs like Jah nah sleep which turned into a big hit in Malawi and got featured on many international radios and mixtapes. Limited copies of the Unexpekted mixtape were made available for free to fans through Fm 101.You can download all songs on the compilation in the download section.

Stronger EP - 2014

Blasto - Produced by BFB - Ziggy Blacks

A thirteen tracks compilation that features some vibrant, lyrical and well composed pieces of music. Blasto’s "Stronger " EP showcases the artist’s strong musical sense and cohesive sound, giving listeners a taste of what he is capable of and has in store for the future.Blasto is an artist driven by a desire to create music that inspires and enlighten audiences while delivering a potent messages of love and sharing a good vibes. The EP is filled with catchy and meaningful songs that are sure to entertain the minds of the listeners, while moving the body to the sounds produced by "Rymzo" and Mark Darlington -U.K based| who are some of the producers that has worked on this project. The EP was released by ZiggyBlacks Productions on 25 April 2014

Persistence EP - 2017

Blasto - Produced by Tuff Gong International

Jamaican label, Tuff Gong International, founded by legendary reggae icon Bob Marley will distribute Malawi’s reggae-dancehall don Blasto’s Persistence Extended Play (EP). The imprint has set September 15 as the release date worldwide. The deal has been facilitated by Gino XXL Entertainment. Gino XXL entertainment from Amsterdam are the executive producers of the EP so they linked with Tuff Gong International. Blasto becomes the first reggae dancehall deejay from Malawi to accomplish such a feat. “We are reaching out to the market in the Caribbean with this deal and also the other reggae and dancehall market worldwide”

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Lilongwe, Malawi

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